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Blue Ribbon Panel Voting Procedures for Feature Films

  1. There shall be at least two Chairpersons for each panel.

  2. All panel Chairpersons shall be members of the Board of the MPSE

  3. Chairpersons are responsible for all of the balloting and contacting of the supervisors of their nominations.

  4. There will be a minimum of fifteen panelists in these four categories:

      Sound Effects and Foley Editing in a Feature Film

      Dialogue/ADR Editing in a Feature Film

      Sound Editing in an Animated Film

      Sound Editing in a Foreign Language Feature Film

      All other categories shall have a minimum of ten panelists.

  1. Conflict of Interest - If a panel member has worked on a submission he/she will be removed from the panel in question.

  2. Qualifying judges for the blue ribbon panel - Chairpersons shall first attempt to fill the Blue Ribbon Panel with ACTIVE MPSE members and retirees. Upon having any vacancies on their panel, the balance of the panel shall be filled with qualified sound editors, music editors, sound designers, Foley Artists, Field Recordists and sound mixers. If there are still vacancies, the Chair may approve, on a case-by-case basis, other qualified professionals who work in post-production.

  3. All panel members must see at least 80 percent of the nominated pictures. If a panelist misses any screening the panel member cannot vote on the features missed and his or her vote is at the discretion of the chairpersons.

  4. All panelists shall attend screenings supplied by the MPSE or attend Academy screenings to make sure all nominated features are viewed in the same arena.

  5. It is strongly suggested screenings should be fresh, not months prior to voting.

  6. All paperwork submitted will be considered by the panel.

  7. Ballots shall use ranked (preferential) balloting, in which voters shall rank nominees in a hierarchy on the ordinal scale (e.g., if there are eight (8) nominees, each nominee shall be ranked 1 - 8, with one (1) being the top choice). Ballots shall be tabulated by assigning a point value to each place in the hierarchy and obtaining a total.

  8. All the scores for each project will be averaged to determine the winners.

  9. If paper ballots are used all ballots shall have the voter’s name signed and printed on the back of the returning envelope or the vote will not be counted.
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