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MPSE Corona Virus Update

A message from the Motion Picture Sound Editors in regard to the unprecedented times we are experiencing. 

This is not about describing how to properly wash your hands or the benefits of social distancing. We see plenty of this on any news broadcast or social media platform.

All editors, both MPSE members and non-members are going through the same thing right now. Our current projects are shutting down and we are not sure when this will end. It is strange to think that this is a worldwide phenomenon. The good thing is that everyone is in the same boat and we are all trying to help one another. I believe that banks and other lenders will make concessions to help people through this time.

You might ask yourself what the MPSE has to do with all of this. Well we are going to try to keep things as normal as possible by continuing our “Sound Advice” events via internet video chats and figuring out other content to help get us through.  We are adapting some upcoming events to the new temporary reality. It is natural to adapt to new technology and challenges, for this is what editors do.

This is a good time to learn those new plug-ins, new synths, or my favorite thing to do is to go out and record things! With fewer planes and cars, this is the perfect time to get out there and build your libraries. I have dusted off my best pair of microphones and am headed out to get material. (While maintaining proper social distancing)

We also want to open up zoom meetings for members to connect with each other and we will be selecting topics and a time to have our first one.

So check out your email and keep looking at our Facebook page for content and updates.

In the meantime, try to enjoy some downtime and take this opportunity to connect with friends and family via phone or video chat. I have had several meals shared over video chat and it is kind of fun.

This crisis is bringing out the best in people and I hope we come away from it with a broader sense of community.


Mark A. Lanza MPSE | President | Motion Picture Sound Editors

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