Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Foreign Language Feature

A properly completed entry form is required for all submissions. Incomplete submissions will result in the disqualification of that entry from the nominating process and will not be considered for Board Discretion.

Award Category Definition and Qualifications -

The MPSE will confer a Golden Reel Award on the crew demonstrating exemplary sound editing for foreign language feature films in a single category designated as Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Foreign Language Feature. For this category, sound editing is defined as the editing of Sound Effects, Foley, Dialogue and ADR. Judging for the award shall consider the quality of all of these disciplines for each eligible film.

For a film to be classified as a foreign language feature film, it must be a live action or documentary motion picture for which the major portion, at least sixty percent (60%) of the dialogue, is not in English.

For those films for which multiple languages are used, the Foreign language Film Committee and the Board of Directors shall make determinations on a case-by-case basis of the location of the major portion of the sound editing and thereby the classification of the film as “Foreign language” or “English language” taking into account, but not limited to, such factors as supervision, creative input, amount of editing hours, etc.

Music Editing for Foreign Language Features needs to be submitted in the Feature Motion Picture Music categories (Score or Musical).

Period of Eligibility -

Foreign language feature films must have been released commercially in the United States during the calendar year of consideration. Festivals and private screenings neither qualify nor prevent qualification.

Trophies Awarded -

MPSE Golden Reel Statue Trophies shall be presented to the following positions on the winning production: Supervising Sound Editors, Sound Designers, Supervising Dialogue Editors, Supervising ADR Editors, Dialogue Editors, ADR Editors, Sound Effects Editors, Foley Editors, Foley Artists and Sound Editors.

Crew Size -

All nominated editors must be part of the primary sound editing crew, not just the temp mix or mix changes.

Nominating Process

  1. Annually, each member of the MPSE is sent a ballot, asking for nominations of foreign language films.
  2. The Active MPSE members will determine, by ballot, no more than five (5) nominations.
  3. The MPSE Foreign Language Film Committee will have screening panels, the function of which will be to view foreign language films and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors of sound editing worthy of consideration for nominations. The Board, evaluating these recommendations and at its discretion, can nominate an additional zero (0) to three (3) of the submitted films as finalists.