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Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature

A properly completed entry form is required for all submissions. Incomplete submissions will result in the disqualification of that entry from the nominating process.


The MPSE will confer a Golden Reel Award on the crew demonstrating exemplary sound editing for a non-theatrically released feature film in a single category designated as Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Non-Theatrical Feature. For this category, sound editing is defined as the editing of Sound Effects, Foley, Music, Dialogue and ADR. Judging for the award shall consider the quality of all of these disciplines for each eligible film.

Programming released via television broadcast, cable broadcast, streaming, VOD, or other online or non-theatrical means will be considered Broadcast Media.

Non-Theatrical Feature Film is considered any Feature Film program, running 30 minutes or more in length, that has not been released theatrically and is not being submitted in a single presentation category. A Non-Theatrical Feature Film program is defined as where the post-production process has been prepared in a manner of a theatrical release, but has been released in the United States non-theatrically.


Broadcast Media submissions will be judged in the year of their initial airing or release in the United States.

Non-Theatrical submissions must have been released commercially during the calendar year of consideration. In the case of simultaneous, or “day-and-date” releases, films must have been simultaneously released theatrically for no more than 7 days and in a broadcast or streaming format on the same date.


For nomination consideration, the Blue Ribbon Panel will consider the sound editorial work presented from one (1) to two (2) sections indicated by the submitter in their submission paperwork. These sections should not exceed twenty-five (25) minutes when combined.

For awards consideration, the Blue Ribbon Panel will consider the sound editorial work from the program in its entirety.


MPSE Golden Reel Statue Trophies shall be presented to the following positions on the winning production: Supervising Sound Editors, Sound Designers, Supervising Dialogue Editors, Supervising ADR Editors, Dialogue Editors, ADR Editors, Sound Effects Editors, Foley Editors, Foley Artists, Sound Editors, Supervising Music Editors, Music Editors and Scoring Editors.


For this category, the number of awards to be given will be one editor per act (or reel) plus two, e.g. for a six (6) act show there may be as many as eight (8) awards.


The nomination process shall follow the Broadcast Media Balloting Method.

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