Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Animation Short Form


Archer “Cold Fusion”


Sound Designers: JC Richardson, Pierre Cerrato

Music Editor: JG Thirlwell


Baba Yaga

Baobab Studios

Supervising Sound Editor: Scot Stafford

Sound Designers: Andrew Vernon, Jamey Scott, MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Brendan Wolf

Music Editor: Rex Darnell


The Boss Baby: Back in Business: “Escape From Krinkles”


Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman, MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Greg Rubin, Ian Howard

Dialogue Editors: Kerry Iverson-Brody, Xinyue Yu

Foley Editor: Carol Ma




Supervising Sound Editors: Andre Fenley, Jermaine Stegall

Sound Designer: Justin Pearson

Sound Effects Editor: Andrew Vernon

Foley Artist: Frank Aglieri-Rinella


Clone Wars: The Phantom Apprentice


Supervising Sound Editors: Matthew Wood, David Acord

Sound Effects Editor: Kimberly Patrick

Foley Editor: Frank Rinella

Foley Artist: Margie O’Malley

Dialogue Editor: Tony Diaz

Music Editor: Peter Lam


Star Trek: Short Trek “Ephraim and Dot”

CBS All Access

Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew E. Taylor

Sound Designers: Tim Farrell, Harry Cohen, MPSE

Music Editors: Moira Marquis, Stan Jones

ADR Editor: Sean Heissinger

Foley Editor: Trevor Sperry

Foley Artists: Ginger Geary, Doug Madick


Wizards: “Spellbound”


Supervising Sound Editors: James Miller, Otis Van Osten

Foley Editors: Tommy Sarioglou, Aran Tanchum

Dialogue Editors: Carlos Sanches, Jason Oliver

Foley Artist: Vincent Guisetti

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