Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing - Episodic Short Form – Effects / Foley


The 100: "The Final War"

The CW

Supervising Sound Editors: Norval "Charlie" Crutcher, III, MPSE; Vince Tennant

Sound Designer: Peter D. Lago, MPSE

Foley Editors: Clayton Weber, Jacob Houchen, MPSE

Foley Artists: Sanaa Kelley, Adam DeCoster

Angel of Darkness: "Belly of the Beast"


Supervising Sound Editor: Matthew Skelding

Sound Designers: Al Sirkett, Tom Jenkins

Foley Editor: Mathias Schuster

Foley Artist: Barnaby Smyth


Hanna: "The Trial"


Supervising Sound Editor: Joe Beal

Sound Designer: Steve Browell

Foley Editor: Philip Clements

Foley Artist: Anna Wright


Locke & Key: "Head Games"


Supervising Sound Editor: J.R. Fountain

Sound Effects Editor: Dashen Naidoo

Foley Artist: Steve Baine


Mandalorian S2: Chapter 13: The Jedi


Supervising Sound Editors: David Acord, Matthew Wood

Sound Effects Editors: Benjamin A. Burtt, J.R. Grubbs

Foley Editor: Richard Gould

Foley Artists: Ronni Brown, Jana Vance


Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: "What We're Fighting For"


Supervising Sound Editor: Daniel Colman, MPSE

Foley Editor: Randall Guth

Foley Artists: Pamela Kahn, Dominique Decaudain, Nancy Parker, MPSE; Mike Marino


The Right Stuff: “Sierra Hotel”


Supervising Sound Editor: Walter Newman, MPSE

Sound Designer: Kenneth Young

Sound Effects Editor: Rickley W. Dumm, MPSE

Foley Editor: Peter Reynolds

Foley Artists: Sanaa Kelley, Adam DeCoster


Snowpiercer: "Trouble Comes Sideways"


Supervising Sound Editor: Sandra Portman, MPSE

Sound Designer: James Fonnyadt, MPSE

Sound Effects Editor: Gregorio Gomez

Foley Editor: Dario DiSanto, MPSE

Foley Artist: Maureen Murphy, MPSE

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